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Creating interiors

that one experiences

not just admires.

L’Atelier Isabelle Peribere is a full service residential interior design firm located in Miami Beach, Florida that specializes in Contemporary Interior Design, Architectural and decorative lighting choreography, Art curating and turnkey project management.

We offer a wide range of services such as space planning; color and design consultation; architectural and decorative lighting design; materials, finishes, fixtures and furnishings sourcing; Art curating and hanging; along with full project coordination.

Isabelle Peribere

Raised in Burgundy (France), in a family passionate for art and surrounded by painters and sculptors, Isabelle Peribere graduated Magna Cum Laude in fine art, trained in Interior Architecture and earned a degree in Business administration.  She approaches design with creativity and passion yet has the capacity to understand the economics of construction and retains the management skills necessary to organize and complete complex projects.


Isabelle believes that Interior Design is about creating a spatial experience and finding genuine joy in doing so, deriving her inspiration from Art, Light and Materials. She designs contemporary interiors where these three elements are intrinsically intertwined and tactfully play against one another in a graceful and elegant manner. 


In her work, light becomes the medium that reveals the aesthetics of the architecture and brings character and uniqueness to the space. "Light" says Isabelle. "should be an experience in itself, enhancing textures and materials, art and furniture, to create a sensual and serene atmosphere in which the unexpected is subtly infused throughout."


Isabelle creates spaces that are soothing yet surprising where the sleek, modern and baroque all work together in a cohesive and elegant manner.  Her European roots and world wide travels infuse her work in a way that is unique yet representative of her client's tastes and values.


The element of surprise and a touch of humor are central to her process where she incorporates the unusual beauty of found objects, one of a kind light fixtures, “trompe l’oeil” finishes, subtle details and materials where they are unexpected: wallpapers that deceive the eye and turn a wall into a piece of Art; a baroque chandelier illuminating a modern kitchen space; steel and concrete turned warm and soft through the use of natural oak; material placed out of context that becomes an essential element of cohesiveness; designer pieces mixed with inexpensive finds that never look out of place and Art that pleases the mind.

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